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#TBT Critter Country Waterfall/Fishing Bear Picture @ Disneyland

In last week’s photo set from Disneyland I posted a picture of a quiet corner of Critter Country featuring a water fall. Several people asked me more about this area.. starting with where it is. It is located between where the Winnie the Pooh vehicles exit the show building (the old Country Bear Exit) and the Pooh Corner gift shop. Here is the photo I posted last week.

Critter Country Water Fall - 2014

Now flashing back to 2001 here is what it looked like during the last year of the Country Bears. There was a fishing bear along the stream. (the picture below was take 5 days after the Bears closed).

Critter Country Water Fall - 2001

A better picture of the fishing bear from June of 2001.

Critter Country Water Fall Fishing Bear - 2001

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