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Doc Mcstuffins: School of Medicine on DVD

Doc McStuffins: School of Medicine DVDA Disney Junior favorite, Doc McStuffins: School of Medicine, will be available to own on DVD this September 9, 2014. The compilation includes five episodes from Season 1 and 2 that take a closer look at medical specialities such as optometry, dentistry, sports medicine, and radiology.

This show is about a little girl named Dottie “Doc” McStuffins who wants to become a doctor like her mother when she grows up. So she uses her imagination and pretends to be a doctor by fixing toys in her very own clinic. The magic happens when she puts on her stethoscope. The toys come to life, they move around, and she’s able to talk to them!

In “Doc McStuffins: School of Medicine,” the episodes highlight many different medical fields doctors can practice in. The stories are told in a way that young children to understand.

Episodes included on this DVD:

  • Chilly Gets Chilly / Through The Reading Glass
  • Hallie’s Happy Birthday / Shark-Style Toothache
  • Think Pink / You Foose, You Lose
  • Disco Dress Up Daisy / The Glider Brothers
  • Celestial Celeste / Run Doc, Run!
Chilly Gets Chilly / Through The Reading Glass

The first story is about Chilly, Doc’s favorite stuffed snowman. He stays outside in the cold for hours to talk to a snowman he made and finds himself extremely cold. Doc gives him and check up and everyone learns the important of keeping their bodies warm.

In the second story, Doc plays an optometrist and helps Professor Hoostburgh, her stuffed owl toy, get rid of the blurries.

Hallie’s Happy Birthday / Shark-Style Toothache

It’s Hallie the Hippo’s birthday and everyone is in on the surprise party! This was definitely one of my daughter’s favorite episodes on the DVD as it involved a lot of Doc and Donny’s (her brother) toys. The part where Sir Kirby the knight pretended to be sick and danced with Hallie was very entertaining.

Mr. Chomp, Donny’s shark, has a broken tooth and needs repair. Doc plays a dentist in this one and fixes Mr. Chomp’s tooth so it’s good as new!

Think Pink / You Foose, You Lose

Oops, Chilly the snowman turned pink! He’s afraid everyone will laugh at him because he’s different. He learns that it’s ok to be different.

Donny’s foosball table isn’t working right. The goalie is unable to move around. Doc gives him and the other players a check up. Doc teaches everyone a little bit about sports medicine and why it’s important to take care of yourself and not worry what others think.

Disco Dress Up Daisy / The Glider Brothers
There’s a disco party in the playhouse! But one of Doc’s dolls got hurt while skating. Doc teaches us a little about radiology and creates an x-ray of the fractured toy.

Donny’s new daredevil glider planes joins Doc’s indoor picnic. One one the glider planes got hurt. See how Doc nurses him back to good health.

Celestial Celeste / Run Doc, Run!

Celestial Celeste has the whole universe in the palm of her hands. She’s a projector that displays the planets and stars on the ceiling. But something goes wrong and she’s not working properly. Doc exams her and teaches her to tell a doctor when she doesn’t feel well.

In “Run Doc, Run,” Doc is the patient this time! She hurts her ankle and her mom tells her to rest.

Doc McStuffins: School of Medicine Stickers

These 5 episodes, which contain 10 different stories, are full of songs and music that will surely make your little one dance.

As an added bonus, you can find a Doc Dress-Up playset inside! It comes with four sticker sheets, a punch-out Doc McStuffins, and a two-sided scene (one side is of the clinic and the other is of the backyard). Your child can take the stickers out and put them on the various scenes. They can constantly remove and stick them on again. My daughter really liked dressing up Doc McStuffins in her signature outfit. She had a lot of shoes to choose from too.

As a parent, I enjoy this tv show series because it teaches children not to be afraid of the doctor and to take good care of themselves. Kids learn how to stay happy and healthy! This compilation shows many different aspects of medicine, and they are explained in a way that children can comprehend.

Each episode consists of two mini shows, both 12 minutes long. It’s appropriate for ages 2-5. I enjoyed the shows too and I’m a little bit over that age group. Lastly, I really appreciate how the show incorporates a moral lesson or two in each story.

You can purchase Doc Mcstuffins: School of Medicine


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