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Video: Disneyland Rocket Rods

Disneyland Rocket Rods

The Rocket Rods replaced the People Mover and were targeted to be the signature attraction of the new Tomorrowland at Disneyland in 1998. Due to several probelems they were open on and off from 1998 through 2000.  The attraction officially closed on September 25, 2000.   As of 2014 the track still remains unused.

Recently I was asked for some pictures and realized that I did not have that many. Back in 2000 I was visiting the park with a very early generation Digital Camera. It actually used 3.5″ disks. So I was fairly limited in the number of pictures and type of pictures. I also visited with an 8mm video camera. I was unable to find any decent pictures, but I did find several minutes of video of the Rocket Rods in motion and two POV rides. I have included the two rides below. First up a dusk ride from July, only a few months before they closed. Then an after dark trip from March.


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