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Tell Tale Toy Story Storytelling Card Game Review

Tell Tale Toy Story

Love telling stories? Then you’ll love this new game by Blue Orange Games! It’s called “Disney-Pixar Toy Story Tell Tale Storytelling Card Game.” Now you can bring Woody and the rest of the Toy Story game to life. This storytelling game comes with 100 detailed illustrations featuring characters, actions, and settings that will inspire you to create new adventures for your favorite Toy Story characters.

Open the box up and take out the beautiful cards. There are many ways you can play this game. You can play in teams of two and string stories together, letting each team have a turn at picking up cards and creating a new storyline. You can even create a storyboard first and then each player can have a turn talking about each card. It’s fun for both adults and children.

I personally like pulling random cards out of the pile and start telling a story to my little one. I have a two year old daughter, so I let her pick out the cards she wants to use in her story. I would tell her a story using the cards as prompts. She enjoyed the game and would ask me more questions as I show her the cards. It was a fun way for us to bond. She would ask me questions about the scenes or tell me about what she thinks is happening, and I would work her ideas into our story. I believe games like this really help develops creativity and spark imagination in your child.

Tell Tale Disney-Pixar Toy Story game comes in a cute package that looks like a story book. My daughter and I really like the magnetic enclosure that keeps the content in the box. In the package, you have 50 cards (a Toy Story scene on both sides) and an illustrated rule book with sample story lines. The list price for this game is $15.99, which I think is a bit on the expensive side. The game is best for ages 5 and up and can be played with 1-8 players. The skills achieved with this game are speech and language, creativity, and social play. But I think the bonding time you have with your family and friends is the best part of the game!

Read more about this new game at Also comes in a Princess version.


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