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Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition Blu-ray/DVD/Disney Movies Anywhere (1st Impressions)

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The new Diamond Edition Release of Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty includes the film on Blu-ray, DVD, and Disney Movies Anywhere. In addition to the film the disc features a couple deleted/alternate scenes, a 10 minute piece entitled the Art of Evil: Generations of Disney Villains featuring Andreas Deja and Lino DiSalvo as well as some Marc Davis clips.

Sleeping Beauty Still

There is a Disney Animation: Artists in Motion piece and a Once Upon a Parade 9 minute piece that talked about the backstory for the Festival of Fantasy Parade at Walt Disney World. There is also a sing along to round out the new offerings. Several previously released bonus features are also included including a look at the sound restoration, an audio commentary by Andreas Deja, John Lasseter and Leonard Maltin, an extended look at the Making of the film and a piece on Eyvind Earle.

Sleeping Beauty Still

The film itself looked and sounded great, the transfer appears to be the same re-mastered version from the 2008 50th anniversary release, which is a positive because of how well that was done. If you do not own Sleeping Beauty on Blu-ray yet you are missing out on a great version of the film. If you purchased the 50th anniversary edition back in 2008 purchasing the Diamond Edition may not be ideal unless you were looking for a digital copy of the film or one of the new bonus features make it worth while to you.

Sleeping Beauty Still

When I heard Disney was releasing Sleeping Beauty in a Diamond Edition Blu-ray I was very interested. I thought the 50th anniversary release back in 2008 was a great set with loads of interesting bonus material and an incredible re-mastering of the film itself. The bar had been set high. This Diamond Edition release is substantially lighter on bonus material and even lighter on new bonus material. Out of the new pieces I did enjoy the Art of Evil but it is only 10 minutes long.. I would have liked to have seen this expanded. The piece on the parade sounded interesting but it fell way short of my expectations and featured an ok backstory of the parade came to be and some clips of it but it seemed a majority of it was shots of Sarah Hyland and a group of kids. On the positive side it does include four great pieces from the 2008 release looking at the making of the film and the restoration of it. I was really hoping for more on the parade and something to tie it in with the upcoming Maleficent release. Or even something to promote the upcoming 60th anniversary of Disneyland and Sleeping Beauty Castle would have been interesting to see. Note the 2008 release did have a piece on the walk through attraction which did not make the cut this time around.

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