Guest Report @DisneyAulani – Day 1 – Arrivial and 1st Impressions – by Daynah

Geek’s Note: Daynah will be at Aulani for the next several days and will be sharing some of her thoughts and pictures. If you would like to see more of the resort including videos check out my 2013 Trip Summary. This is her second trip and keeping our fingers crossed that the Tropical Storm/Hurricane Ana does not cause too much disruption.

It’s so nice to be back home in Aulani again. At least that’s how the cast members at the resort make me feel. It’s my luxury home away from home.

When my family first arrived earlier today, we were greeted immediately and adorned with small gifts. I sported a beautiful orchid lei, my husband wore a Kukui nut lei, and my daughter got a keikei necklace as well.

We went to check in and I notice a few things that were different from the last time I was here (which was about a year ago). Two women stood in the front showing off their pin collection. I guess they decided to have a little bit of pin trading here, but these ladies were the only ones that had pins to trade in the resort. Same rules applied, can only trade up to two pins with the same person, per day.

Disney Aulani - Photo by Daynah

Another thing I noticed is that the volume of the music in the elevators seem to be very low. I wanted to here the special Hawaiian versions of my favorite songs, but I could not hear much.

I took my daughter around the resort and usually I’m stopped by many Photopass photographers, but this time, not a single one was in sight. It made me wonder if the cut back on the photographers or if it was because it was a Thursday. I was looking forward to purchasing a cd photo of my stay.

Disney Aulani - Photo by Daynah

The one thing I really love about Aulani is that there’s so many different activities to do here. And you don’t have to drive all around town to do them! You just wake up, and walk outside to figure out what you want to do. Everything is right at your doorstep.

Disney Aulani - Photo by Daynah

I got to the Aulani resort late this afternoon but I was already able to squeeze in a ukulele lesson, flower bracelet making lesson, some hawaiian crafts, dinner, pool time, photo ops, a show, and a dance party in the few hours! I love absorbing as much of the Hawaiian culture as I could when I visit.

Disney Aulani - Photo by Daynah

The highlight of my stay so far was definitely the starlit hui show. It’s a great storytelling show full of music and dancing. My daughter really loved getting up and dancing to each of the songs. What she loved the most was seeing her favorite characters dancing on the stage too!

Disney Aulani - Photo by Daynah

I’ve only been at Aulani for a few hours but it has already made a big impression on me. The warm sun and activities are helping me to relax and I can’t wait to start the day tomorrow.

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About the Author: Daynah loves everything about technology and Disney. She enjoys blogging about her adventures of raising two kids as well as spend a lot of time browsing pretty things on Pinterest. You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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