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Disney Planes Fire & Rescue on Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital HD (My 1st Impressions)

"PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE" ©2014 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Disney Planes Fire & Rescue takes us back into the world of Cars and Planes. Fresh off several wins on the racing circuit Dusty returns to Propwash Junction. While there he learns he may never be able to race again. He makes a decision to aid the town by becoming a fire fighter and heads to Piston Peak National Park to train with a crew of fire-fighting aircraft. Through his training and fire fighting adventures he learns what it takes to be a true hero.

I enjoy visiting the world of Cars and by extension Planes so I found this to be a fun film. As I thought with the first Planes film if you are looking for some laughs, an ok story, and an adventure the movie hits the mark. If you are looking for something deeper or more elaborate you will probably be disappointed. It is on par with the first Planes film, not at the same level of detail/refinement as a Frozen, Big Hero 6, or Cars films but it is well researched and was entertaining to me. I do enjoy watching the scenes and seeing all the thought (and jokes) that went into the landscaping, sets, and props to transfer our human world to the machine world the Planes crew lives in and the character interaction with the background characters. Some are more obvious than others, for example pick up trucks use pick up lines at the bar.

"PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE" ©2014 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

I thought Piston Peak Park and the Lodge were a great extension to the world and interesting to explore and see how machines enjoy their version of nature. The fire fighting scenes and training with the air crew were very well done and interesting to see brought to life in animation.

This was my first time seeing this film, I did not catch it on the big screen. I thought the continued re-invention of Dusty and his evolution were well done and continue to add to the character. We have seen him in three roles now, crop dusting, racing, and fire fighting, where will he head next?

I watched the Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD package. In addition to the movie there are some bonus features on the set. Here is a quick list of the bonus features:

  • “Vitaminamulch: Air Spectacular”
  • “Welcome to Piston Peak!
  • “CHoPs” TV Promo
  • Air Attack: Firefighters From The Sky
  • Spencer Lee Music Video “Still I Fly”
  • Deleted Scenes with Filmmaker Introductions
  • Animated Shorts

Overall they bonus material was on par with most releases now a days. The “Air Spectacular” was a fun short and the “Welcome to Piston Peak!” Infomercial was entertaining. I thought the Air Attack featurette looking at the inspiration for the film was too short, it felt truncated and I wanted to learn more of how they translated the real world to the Planes world.

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