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Trip Planning – Any Hong Kong Disneyland or Tokyo Disney Resort Tips/Hints?

This upcoming spring instead of my traditional trip East to Walt Disney World I am going to be venturing West to the Far East and spending some time at both the Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Resorts. I have not been to either and visiting these resorts has been on my to do list since they were announced/opened. In preparation for the trip I am looking for advice/tips/words of wisdom to help with the trip planning. My plans include several days at each park to allow for time to enjoy the park, take a lot of pictures of course, and work on gathering some information to populate the Hong Kong and Tokyo guide sections of the website, which as of now are just shells with some general info and quick facts.

My primary focus in both cities is to experience the Disney offerings but traveling that far I am going to take a little time for sightseeing. For each city, if you had one day what would be the one or two not to be missed experiences? Especially for someone who is not a foodie or a shopper.

When it comes to the Disney Parks I am looking for pointers on smaller more unique aspects of the parks? Things that you may overlook or bypass. Same for the Disney Hotels and the rest of the property at both stops. The major attractions are easier to pick off but what are the hidden gems of the properties or the areas off the beaten path that are worth spending some time in.

Feel free to leave a comment below, drop me an email, reply view Twitter or Facebook.. looking to gather as much information as possible.

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