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Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast on Blu-Ray and DVD (Information & Daynah’s 1st Impressions)

Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast: Animal Fairy World
Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast: Animal Fairy World

Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast Blue-Ray and DVD ComboTinkerbell and her friends are back for another adventure in Pixie Hollow! “Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast” is a heartwarming and humorous tale about a mysterious and fabled creature who lives in Pixie Hollow. This creature sparked the curiosity of Tinker Bell’s good friend, Fawn. She is an animal fairy who is not afraid to follow her heart and help any animal in need, even if it means breaking the rules. Big or small, dangerous or not, she unconditionally loves and cares for them if they need her help.

The story starts off with Fawn harboring a baby hawk with a hurt wing. Tinker Bell almost screamed when she saw the baby hawk because hawks eat fairies! Now that Fawn has nursed it back to good health, it was time to set the hawk free. Fawn devised a plan with Tinker Bell to set the baby hawk free without causing any wide-spread panic. However, that plan fell through when the baby hawk lets out a loud sound and adult hawks came flying into Pixie Hallow. Scout fairies came out to save the day, and Fawn learned her lesson about listening to her head and not just with her heart. The problem with having a big and open heart is that it always gets her in trouble.

Fawn and Tinkerbell carry blueberries to the forest.
Fawn and Tinker Bell carry blueberries to the forest. But actuality, she’s hiding a baby hawk underneath all those berries.
Fawn looks in amazement when she finds the mythical creature called the Neverbeast.
Fawn, the animal fairy, looks in amazement when she finds the mythical creature called the Neverbeast.

Fawn, the Animal Fairy, plays the lead character in this new adventure. Who to better voice her than Ginnifer Goodwin, the actress who plays Snow White in TV’s series, “Once Upon a Time?” She captures the fun spirit and unconditional love of animals perfectly in her new role as Fawn. Snow White always had a knack for animals of all kind.

After the baby hawk incident, Fawn discovered a strange creature she had never seen before. As she observed it, she noticed that it has a huge thorn in one of its paws. With very little hesitation, she knew she had to help it. Once she removes the thorn, they start a beautiful friendship and she named him Gruff.

Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast: Flying with the Fairies
Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast: Flying with the Fairies

Their friendship did have some bumps in the road though. The lead scout fairy, Nyx, discovered an ancient legend that she revealed to Queen Clarion and Fawn. Every 972 years, a green comet shoots across the sky in Pixie Hallow and awakens the Neverbeast out of hibernation. Once awaken, he starts building rock towers in the four corners of Pixie Hallow. Then green clouds fill the sky and the creature transforms. Then a huge lightning storm comes down that could destroy all of Pixie Hallow.

Fawn did not believed in the Legend of the Neverbeast. To her, she saw Gruff in a different light. They saw fear, while she saw love. However, everything that Nyx warned them about the legend started happening. Green clouds filled the skies. Rock towers were being built, and the Neverbeast transformed to have horns and wings. Fawn started to doubt her gut feeling when her close friend Tinker Bell was hurt by Gruff.

As it turns out, everything was a big misunderstanding. The green lightning storm was an act of nature and Gruff turned out to be the guardian of Pixie Hallow. He wakes up every 972 years to protect the lands from this horrific storm. Nyx had interpreted the legend wrong and for once, Fawn’s head and heart were in the same place. She knew what was the right thing to do and together, they saved Pixie Hallow from what could have been an tragic ending.

The fairies help their friend Fawn do what's right.
The fairies help their friend Fawn do what’s right.

I watched the movie with my 3 year old daughter and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. The movie took us on an emotional roller-coaster ride as we went on this journey with Fawn and Gruff. The colors of each scene definitely played a huge role in our emotions. You can absolutely see how Fawn and Gruff’s relationship grows and changes through each scene. At the opening of the movie, we enter Pixie Hollow in warm and bright colors. When Fawn discovers Gruff the Neverbeast, we are thrown into a world of darkness and uncertainty. But once their friendship grows, the colors come back and we can feel the fondness they have of each other through the colors used in the scene. I love the palettes of colors used to tell the story. It not only gives life to the story, but also draw the audience in have us connect with all the characters.

Even though the characters were fairies, each one was believable thanks to the magic of animation, great attention to details, and the talented voice actresses that played them. Each fairy had their own individual style and personality. I thought that help me relate to them since we all have friends with an assortment of different personalities. My favorite is Rosetta who gets all the comic relief parts!

Overall, I think “Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast” is a great movie to add to your Disney collection. It has a great storyline, beautiful scenes and animation, and a good lesson to learn. You just can not judge a person (or in this case, a creature) simply by how they appear. You need to look deeper inside and see the goodness of their heart before judging. An open and welcoming heart makes the world a more colorful and happier place.

Fawn's Animal Group Songbook
Fawn’s Animal Group Songbook

Bonus Features on the DVD include:

  • 5 Essential Ingredients to Getting Gruff – The 5 ingredients are: Story, Design, Sound, Animation, and the heart and soul of the movie, Gruff. This was my favorite bonus material because the director and his staff talked about all the pieces that helped put this amazing movie together.
  • Tink’n About Animals – Did you know that a group of crocodiles was called a float? And a group of snakes is called a quiver? And groups of butterflies are called kaleidoscopes!
    Here’s a humorous song where Fawn tells us about what groups of certain animals are called. You definitely learn something new everyday!
  • Gruff Love – Here are some short snippets from the movie where Gruff just steals your heart away. How can you not love those big puppy eyes and that happy waggy tail?

In addition to the bonus features above, the Blu-Ray also includes:

  • My Dad’s Movie: The True Story of the NeverBeast: Director Steve Loter takes us on a personal journey of how his young daughter taught him life lessons that became the story for “Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast”. Steve did not grow up with any pets in his life, so his daughter’s open heart to all types of animals made this story come to life.
  • Jeff Corwin’s Guide to Real-World NeverBeasts: From high above the trees to the darkest depths of the ocean, Jeff Corwin takes you on a wild adventure around the world where you will discover some creatures that actually exist in the real world.
  • Deleted Scenes with Intro by Director Steve Loter – Some of the deleted scenes include Breakfast With Fawn, Hawk Search, Feeding Gruff, Fawn And Gruff Get Going. As much as I love these deleted scenes, you can see why the director removed them as some did not move the story along. It is still interesting to see how the story got shaped together and what direction it went in the finished product.

If you watched the movie, leave comments below and let me know if you enjoyed it and what were your favorite parts!


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