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Asia Trip Log – Day 9 – A rainy day at Tokyo DisneySea

Monday April 13, 2015 – a rainy day at Tokyo DisneySea

Started off the morning earlier than planned.. woke up well before the alarm. So had some time to read emails before getting ready to go to the park. Left for Tokyo DisneySea a few minutes before 8am and arrived was in line at the entrance to hear the 15 minute until opening announcement. Once the park opened paused to get a couple pictures of Mickey, Minnie, and the Band before grabbing everyone’s tickets and heading for Toy Story. The others stopped by guest relations then made their way into the park. I picked up our FastPasses and then headed for Journey to the Center of the Earth to rejoin my group. We walked right on, only pausing to wait for the next car to pull in to board. At this point in the morning the rain started and it never stopped the rest of the day. So everything else took place in the rain! We walked around and down to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and the same thing. Continued out to the Lost River Delta and Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull. Went on twice both times just walked right through only pausing at the end. Walked through the Yucatan Base Camp Grill and took some pictures. Then explored the area before walking into the Arabian Coast. Went for a cruise on Sindbad’s Voyage to dry out and then we headed into Mermaid Lagoon to stay dry and get some lunch at Sabastian’s. Walked around the Lagoon then back out into the rain. Boarded the Steamer in the Lost River Delta and took it around to the Mediterranean Harbor and we were forced to disembark there. Walked around the water front stopping in some shops along the way and made our way to the American Water Front Trolley Park area to use our Toy Story FastPasses. Picked up a second set for later before riding. Spent some time roaming around the New York area and ended up in the Deli drying off for a while. Continued on to the Cape Cod area and out to Port Discovery. Went for a trip on the Stormrider then some had popcorn (white chocolate) before we returned to the American Waterfront and hopped on the Steamer to the Lost River Delta. Walked back down the path and took the Electric Railway back to New York. At this point most of the group was done for the day and they headed back to dry out. I stayed in the park for several more hours.. I explored the Fortress for a while before giving into the rain and moving on. Walked around Mysterious Island then out to the Lost River Delta and hopped onto the Steamer again taking it to the American Waterfront. Decided to grab a bite to eat at the Cape Cod Cook Off then walked through Port Discovery and out to the far corner of the Park in the Lost River Delta. Continued through the Delta and into the Arabian Coast. Went for another voyage with Sindbad then wandered around the Casbah Food Court taking some pictures. Stopped by the Magic Lamp Theater for a show. Returned to the Mermaid Lagoon to dry out and take a more detailed look around. Went for a trip on the Jumpin Jellyfish followed by the Whirlpool and then the Blowfish Balloon Race and wrapped up with a visit to Ariel’s Playground and a second Jumpin Jellyfish trip before heading back out into the rain. Returned to Mysterious Island and spent some time photographing Vulcania Restaurant. It was now after 7pm and still raining. So I decided to call it a day and head for the Disney Resort Line and took it back to Bayside Station and the shuttle back to the Hilton to call it a day and try and dry out my gear.

Daily Stats

Pedometer Readings:

  • Steps – 23,800
  • Miles – 9.0
  • Moderate Steps – 11,958
  • Moderate Minutes – 108

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