Asia Trip Log – Day 12 – Last day at #TokyoDisneyland & #TokyoDisneySea

A trip log from Thursday April 16, 2015 features my last day in Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea.

Today marks the last day of theme park admission for us. We started off taking the Resort Line to Tokyo Disneyland. We arrived just as they had started to let the lines in. I wandered toward the Castle and the others went for some breakfast. Paused for the band and then some characters before finding my way to Adventureland. The plan was to visit the Tree House then Tom Sawyer Island.. well I did not check opening times and neither opened until 10am. So after hiking to each I had to go to plan B and visit Fantasyland. Went for a spin on Dumbo then Snow White’s Scary Adventure. Returned to Adventureland to rejoin my group and go for a ride on the Western River Railroad. Once back they headed for Theatre Orleans and I did a quick hike through the Swiss Family Tree House. Joined them and watched the Minnie Oh! Minnie show then walked out to Westernland and found a spot for the Easter Parade. After the parade I walked in front of the castle, through Fantasyland and into Tomorrowland and found a spot to watch the parade a 2nd time. After that went for a cruise on the Grand Prix Raceway before lunch at the Tomorrowland Terrace. After lunch tried my luck for Once Upon a Time seats (and failed) then I headed for Tom Sawyer Island (the others Fantasyland for ice cream). I circled the island visiting the Fort, Indian Village, Tree House, Bridges, Cave, and then returned to the mainland and World Bazaar to find my group. Returned to the Resort Line and headed for DisneySea. Once in the park strolled through the Mediterranean Harbor and out to the Fort to find a spot for Fashionable Easter (I wanted to see what happened on the water this time around). After the show walked out to Port Discovery and took the Electric Railway to the American Waterfront. Walked the decks of the Columbia and then hopped on a big City vehicle for a scenic trip around. Some grabbed a bite a the New York Deli then we headed toward the exit. Ran into the 4:30 Fashionable Easter so took some pictures on the way out to the Monorail. Bid farewell to DisneySea and returned to Disneyland. Stopped by the Pan Galactic Pizza for something to eat then the rest of the group went to find a quiet bench and I walked through Tomorrowland and out to Toontown. Circled the Downtown Area then the Residential side. Walked through Fantasyland and past the castle to Westernland near Snow White’s Grotto. Found my group and decided to do a quick run back to Toontown for a souvenir before joining them on a bench for Dream Lights. Enjoyed Dream Lights then walked quickly through Fantasyland and out toward Toontown to catch the 2nd half of the parade a second time. Once the parade had finished returned to the hub to find a spot for Happiness on High. After I did they cancelled it due to weather. Hung around waiting for Once Upon a Time in the same spot. After the show headed for the exit to conclude my Tokyo Disney Parks and return to the hotel to call it a night.

Daily Stats

Pedometer Readings:

  • Steps – 23,982
  • Miles – 9.0
  • Moderate Steps – 15,138
  • Moderate Minutes – 133

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