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Minnie’s Pet Salon DVD and Popstar Pet Carrier

Minnie's Pet Salon DVDHave a little one who loves pets? Minnie and the rest of the Mickey Clubhouse pals love them too!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Pet Salon is now available on DVD and includes five pet-themed episodes along with a free exclusive pet comb.

I will share some insight on the 5 episodes on the DVD and my daughter’s reaction to them. To complete the whole pet salon experience, we also watched the show with the adorable Minnie Mouse Popstar Pet Carrier Set, which I will review as well.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Pet Salon DVD

Minnie’s Pet Salon – Season 5, Episode 2
Your little one will love Minnie’s sparkling new Pet Salon, which is open for business and of course, adventure! Pluto’s throwing an All-Star Pet Show and all of the Clubhouse pals are bringing their pets to get spruced up at Minnie’s Pet Salon. Minnie needs some help with so many pets to bathe, groom, and train. Luckily, Mickey and her friends are there to lend a helping hand. But with three little kittens going missing, it will take the right Mouseketool and some help from you to find them in time for the big show!

Daisy’s Pet Project – Season 2, Episode 7
Daisy does not have her own pet for the Clubhouse Pet Parade so her friends help her find one! She tried taking care of an elephant, a giraffe, and a bunny as a pet. Guess which one she picked for the Pet Parade!

Pluto’s Puppy-Sitting Adventures – Season 1, Episode 16
Mickey and Pluto are babysitting Clarabelle Cow’s new puppy, Bella. But this task proves to be easier said than done. See the adventures Mickey and Pluto have with the addition of a new pup.

Donald’s Ducks – Season 2, Episode 35
A flock of eight ducks arrives at the Clubhouse, which includes a small little duckling. Mickey and Donald take it upon themselves to help them find their way to the beach for their winter migration. I enjoyed the fun interaction Donald Duck has with these new ducks. The songs sung in this episode was to the tune of Old McDonald which children are highly familiar with.

Pluto Lends A Paw – Season 3, Episode 16
Minnie’s cat Figaro just wanted someone to play with someone but everyone was a bit busy. When he wanders off, Pluto the Rescue Dog takes charge!

Minnie Mouse Popstar Pet Carrier Set

The Minnie Mouse Popstar Pet Carrier is an adorable and luxurious rolling carrier for little Fifi. Let Fifi’s legs take a break from walking and enjoy the views from the Minnie Mouse-shaped openings. This is a 7-piece set that comes with a Fifi plush which is the perfect size for a small child’s hands, and all the essentials the pampered pooch will need for her many travels. This includes the pet carrier, Fifi plush, Minnie-Mous-shaped pet bowl, collar, hair brush, boa, and perfume bottle.

The pet carrier has a retractable handle so you can pull it out to the height of your child and they can roll it around like a mini suitcase. This retractable handle is also in the shape of Minnie ears which gives it an adorable look. The opening hatch of the carrier has Mickey icon cut-outs and the Fifi’s viewing area in front has a Minnie logo cut-out. On top is a handle for another way of carrying it (most likely for the parent to hold on to). This set is part of the Popstar Minnie Collection.

Minnie Mouse Popstar Pet Carrier - The 7-piece set includes a cute Fifi plush and all the essentials the pampered pooch will need for her travels.
Minnie Mouse Popstar Pet Carrier – $24.95 – The 7-piece set includes a cute Fifi plush and all the essentials the pampered pooch will need for her travels.

Daughter’s Reactions

Download Minnie's Pet Salon Activities I watched the Minnie’s Pet Salon DVD with my 3-year-old daughter and she was full of laughter and smiles for the whole two hours. She greatly enjoyed the vivid colors of the familiar Disney characters. I enjoyed seeing how much she was learning from the show. From critical thinking, to counting, to sorting, picking out patterns, some addition and subtraction, and learning about different types of shapes, there was a whole lot of educational opportunities in each episode. I also like how Mickey would ask the viewers questions and pause a few seconds so the kids can answer. This makes the child feel empowered, knowing someone is listening to them.

My daughter really enjoyed holding little Fifi while watching the show. Throughout the show, she would ask Mickey and Fifi questions as well. I also liked how there were many songs in each episode. Each time a song came on, my daughter would get up and dance and sing to it.

Minnie’s Pet Salon DVD is enjoyable for both your child and you. I highly recommend this DVD for a child between ages 2 – 5 as they will love learning and dancing to all the tunes.

Holding FifiWhen I handed my daughter the Minnie Mouse Popstar Pet Carrier, she just could not wait to open it up and play with. The carrier is in her favorite color, pink, so she was in love with it the moment she saw it. She took Fifi out and put some food in the bowl for her to eat. My daughter pulled out two items that she was unsure of and asked me what they were. The food bowl is in the shape of Mickey’s head, so she did not know it was meant for food and water. She also was unsure about the perfume bottle, so I explained to her what that was. My daughter also needed help unsnapping the collar for the dog. Once I opened it, she was able to snap it around Fifi’s neck by herself. Once she was done playing, she put all the items into the carrier and rolled it around like she does a suitcase, and took Fifi to ‘Pretend Disneyland.’ Once Fifi and her got to “Pretend Disneyland,” they hopped on the couch to watch Minnie’s Pet Salon and she interacted with Fifi throughout the shows.

I enjoyed watching my daughter interact with the toy pet carrier and the new Minnie’s Pet Salon DVD. This evening was all smiles and laughter. With over two hours of song-filled pet-themed fun, Minnie’s Pet Salon is the “purr-fect” gift for that special little one.

Fifi watching the Minnie Pet Salon DVD
Fifi watching the Minnie Pet Salon DVD


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