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Teen Beach Movie 2 Now On DVD (Daynah’s 1st Impressions)

Teen Beach Movie 2

Teen Beach 2 DVDSummer is here and you know what that means! It is time for Teen Beach Movie 2. This hot surfing sequel will having you singing throughout the warm season.

Teen Beach Movie 2 continues where the first movie left off. Summer just ended and school has just begun. Brady (Ross Lynch) and Mack (Maia Mitchell) met over the summer and their relationship really hit it off after being stuck in a 1960’s movie together. Now that school is back in session, they both learn that their personalities clash. Mack is driven, studious, and sophisticated while Brady is undecided, spontaneous, and laid back. Just as their relationship seem to head for a wipeout, Lela, Tanner, and the rest of the “Wet Side Story” kids show up in their world.

Lela (Grace Phipps), the star of “Wet Side Story” (the movie within the movie), stumbled upon a friendship necklace in the ocean which led her back to Mack, her best friend in the modern world. Amazed and dazzled by all the novelty and possibilities in the modern world, Lela had no plans to leave. You can hear her the appreciation of the modern world as she sings:

Take a look around at this amazing world
You can do it all, even if you are a girl.
Imagine the possibilities, yea this is where I want to be.

The movie is a wonderful little story about how a girl from the 60’s navigate through the modern world where gender roles are not as defined like where she came from. Full of upbeat songs, you will find it hard to resist dancing and singing along as well. Everyone spontaneously breaks into song and dance throughout the movie. So if you enjoy musicals, be sure to check out Teen Beach Movie 2. The songs and dance choreography have been kicked up a notch in this sequel.

Bonus on the DVD
Exclusively on the DVD are the Cast Dance Rehearsals. Watch Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell and the rest of cast as they learn some of the crazy steps for the movie choreographed by Christopher Scott. See how they put the moves into these exciting new contemporary and retro music songs like “Best Summer Ever,” “Gotta Be Me,” “Falling For Ya,” and everyone’s favorite, “That’s How We Do.”

Inside of the DVD is also Lela’s magical friendship necklace, a free gift that any fan of the Teen Beach Movie series would love. Wear it around your neck and feel like you are part of the movie!

Teen Beach Movie 2 - Necklace

One major theme that I enjoyed about this movie is the empowerment of young girls to choose their own destiny; to choose to do things that make them happy rather than do things because that is just how it has always been. Finding true love is only one part of life and should not be your entire life. The female actors in the movies played strong characters who did away with traditional gender roles. My 3-year-old daughter and I watched the movie and we really enjoyed the music, dancing, and fabulous beach fashion. I personally like the second movie more than the first. The storyline flowed better and the wardrobe is quite inspiring.

So get your popcorn ready, pop open a soda, get up and start..

Dancing and a-howling, shaking and a-shouting
Overflowing like a soda fountain
Moving and a-grooving, everything is new when
I take your hand and I dance with you
Let me show you how we do

Bubble bubble bubble-a, popple popple popple-a
Sparkle sparkle rattly-doo
Fizzle fizzle fizzle-a, whizzle whizzle whizzle-a
Boom-a, boom-a, that’s how we do
Bubble bubble bubble-a, popple popple popple-a
Sparkle sparkle rattly-doo
Fizzle fizzle fizzle-a, whizzle whizzle whizzle-a
Boom-a, boom-a, that’s how we do

Teen Beach Movie 2


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