Disneyland Paris

Paris Trip Log – Day 1 – Travel & Disneyland Paris

A trip log from Saturday September 26 and Sunday September 27, 2015 @ Disneyland Paris.

Left our house in Los Angeles just before 9am on Saturday morning to head for LAX and our flight. Arrived at LAX and used the new Delta One check in area since we splurged on this trip and are flying business class (thanks to a great deal). Was seating in the Sky Lounge after check in and through security with tons of time to spare so watched some football and relaxed. Boarded our flight a little late and left LAX behind schedule for JFK. Made up some time in the air but about half an hour till landing the pilot came on and said we did not have enough fuel to get into the JFK pattern and would divert to Newark. After a good 20 minutes he came back on and said they bumped them up the landing order and we could make it into JFK as planned. Hit the ground and exited the plan quickly since we had about an hour to transfer terminals and airlines to make our air France Connection. Of course one of the air train routes was down so we had to find an alternative Then had to go through security.. no priority line in operation. Made it to the gate about 20 minutes to flight time and found no signs of life. Found out after some panic that they had delayed the flight but no one updated any boards or let anyone know really. Eventually boarded and left an hour late. Made it into Paris an hour late and waited and waited and 2 of 3 bags showed up. One did not. After filling out the form crossed our fingers that our car was still waiting and it was! So off to Disneyland Paris! Arrived at the Sequoia Lodge and checked in. Dropped our bags, caught our breath then headed for the parks. Made a pit stop at the Golden Forest Lounge to see what that was all about then walked through the Disney Village. Stopped at Annetteā€™s in the Disney Village for dinner along the way then entered Disneyland Park. My 10th Disney Park.. only one more to go. As we arrived on Main Street the parade was making its way through Town Square. So we took the Liberty Arcades (on the West side) of the street and by passed the parade. Walked through Sleeping Beauty Castle and into Fantasyland. Found my way out to the Storybook Canal and Casey Jr attractions and went on each a couple of times. The reason for this is they close after today for refurbishment so it was my one and only shot as seeing both. Then strolled back through Fantasyland and used a Hotel FastPass to hop onto Peter Pan. Walked down the trail into Adventureland and then back to Main Street. The rest of my group headed back to the hotel to see if the missing bag showed up and to get some rest they were exhausted. I had about 2 hours till Disney Dreams so I used the remaining daylight and shot pictures of all the pumpkins on the east side of Main Street as I returned to the hub. Sat in the shadow of Sleeping Beauty Castle and pre-staged a bunch of tweets to go once I had a wi-fi connection again. Then wandered into Frontierland and went for a ride on Phantom Manor. Roamed around Frontierland and back into Adventureland where I ended up on Pirates of the Caribbean. Continued around to Fantasyland then ran into a blockade of Cast Members clearing the land ahead of Disney Dreams so had to back track almost my entire route. Passed through the hub and into Discoveryland. Circled around the area and then back to the hub with about 20 minutes to spare until Disney Dreams was to start. It was not crowded at all so I sat on the curb and prepared more tweets until 5 minutes before showtime then found a spot where the street car tracks split to see the show. Afterward joined the masses exiting since the park was closed and walked back to the Sequoia Lodge to call it a night. (Well to copy pictures, upload everything and write this then a long shower then a night.. goal is midnight local time..).

Daily Stats

Pedometer Readings:

  • Steps – 19,703
  • Miles – 7.4
  • Moderate Steps – 13,422
  • Moderate Minutes – 118

"Tweets" from the day featuring pictures as I walked around

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