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Paris Trip Log – Day 5 – Versailles Sightseeing & Disney Dreams


A trip log from Thursday, October 1, 2015 – Versailles Sightseeing and Disney Dreams.

We were up before the sun again and at the lounge for breakfast at 7am when it opened. Out for the bus the over to the train station departing around 8am. Took us about an hour to get downtown today, longer than yesterday, the train kept slowing down and pausing. We disembarked the train in Versailles at 9:50am so it was nearly two hours to make the trek. We were at the Palace gate after buying our ticket at 10:20am.. so no real wait.. through security and inside at 10:30am. We toured the palace for the next couple of hours and then headed out to the Gardens. Walked out to the Grand Canal and then over to the Grand Trianon. Walked through the building then the gardens on our way to the Peitit Trianon. Passed through more of Marie-Antoinette’s Estate and roamed around the Queen’s Hamlet before making the trek back to the RER Station. We stayed exited at the Queen’s Gate and walked through the city to the RER stop and headed back to Disney. The around 3:40pm and were back at the Disney Station at 5:16pm. Took a bus back to the Lodge and stopped by the Golden Forest Lounge for a snack and something to drink. Then back to the room to drop off some things and then we headed for dinner in the Disney Village. Ate at the Steakhouse. After dinner the others went back to the room stopping at the Hotel New York along the way. I headed for Disneyland Park and arrived 30 minutes prior to Disney Dreams. Walked around Main Street USA and made my way up to the Castle to find a spot about 10 minutes before the start of the show. Enjoyed the show from up close then took the Liberty Arcade back to the entrance and passed through the Disney Village and back to the Lodge to call it a night.

Daily Stats

Pedometer Readings:

  • Steps – 31,259 (25,888)
  • Miles – 11.8 (9.8)
  • Moderate Steps – 20,599 (16,261)
  • Moderate Minutes – 185 (147)

Parenthesis are Versailles segment only)

"Tweets" from the day featuring pictures as I walked around

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