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‘Disney Parks Unforgettable Christmas Celebration’ – My 1st Impression – it is forgettable…

I just finished watching the 2015 Disney Christmas show and here are some notes/first impressions:

  • For me the show peaked in the first two minutes. They mentioned the celebrations going on around the world and all the Disney properties. I was hoping they would revisit and expand on this.. no such luck.
  • The good news is I was able to condense the 2 hours down to under 30 minutes skipping the commercials, stories, and some of the songs.
  • Continuing the trend this year’s show featured less of the parade and things to come than years past. It has really become a concert show. At least this year most of the songs were either Disney or Christmas. I remember being excited to see the Parade each year to see some of what happened the previous year in the parks and what was coming. They no longer do this which is disappointing to me.
  • The show took place exclusively at Walt Disney World this year with no parade or performances from Disneyland, nor other Disney Properties. You would think with Disneyland celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the park something from the West coast was warranted, more than a mention at the beginning, part of one of their family stories and some regular commercials. Why nothing on Paint the Night or Disneyland Forever?
  • They talked about the Football Playoff, on ESPN, but nothing on the Rose Bowl or even a mention of the Disney float in the Rose Parade this year.
  • The only bit of news that I caught was Frozen attraction at Epcot was referred to as Frozen Ever After: Escape to Arendelle
  • The Star Wars segment was much shorter than I thought too. No footage of the Launch Bay or other Season of the Force offerings. Nor of the upcoming Star Wars projects
  • Animal Kingdom received a brief mention for Rivers of Light but nothing was shown and no mention of the other changes to the park.
  • The parade segments seemed really short and rushed to me. Almost like they were checking a box that they had to have the parade but the producers/directors did not really want it in their music show. They rolled through Mickey/Minnie and Santa in the first segment to cross it off the list.
  • Did anyone catch at the end of the credits.. there was a graphic Disney Destinations with Tinker Bell? Is this going to take over for Disney Parks? It makes more sense.. then you can bundle in the Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, Aulani, etc…
  • From a Disney geek perspective I thought this year’s offering failed on just about every front with very little to take away from a two hour broadcast.

What did you think of the show?

One thought on “‘Disney Parks Unforgettable Christmas Celebration’ – My 1st Impression – it is forgettable…

  • We were disappointed. We were hoping for more actual parade and less jibba jab.


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