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Andy Harkness Book Signing at B&N (Daynah Discovery)

Andy Harkness Book Signing of Bug Zoo at B&N

Andy Harkness is an art director for the Walt Disney Animation Studios, who is currently working on the movie Moana. Long before his dream of working at Disney, he also dreamed about catching bugs. With that as his passion, he also wanted to write a book that kids would love to read over and over again. His dream came true last year when his own book, Bug Zoo, was published! The book was last year’s Walt Disney Animation Studios Artist Showcase.

Last weekend, Andy had a storytime event at my local Barnes and Noble, at Del Amo Fashion Center Mall in Torrance. The unique thing about his book is that every illustration in the book is made out of clay and then painted on using Photoshop. If you love bugs or art in general, you would have loved this event! He talked about his interests in bugs and then drew some artwork from the book in front of us. He then read his book to the kids and then drew some hilarious bugs for them afterward.

My daughter and I had so much fun! This is probably the 5th time we went to his book signing events. She had him fill her book with a bunch of bug illustrations. 🙂 We plan on going to his next event as well, which will be held at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra on Saturday, June 18th from 2pm – 5pm. More info about his next event at Gallery Nucleus.

Video of how Andy makes his art

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