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2016 Disneyland Resort All-American College Band Information

The All-American College Band began their 2016 season last Thursday.   I posted several pictures and videos from Friday in my full park picture set.    The band is made up of members from colleges across the country that had to go through an audition and selection process to make it into the program.  The program consists of learning opportunities, presentations, and more for the students in addition to their in park performances.

For 2016 the band has 5 sets.  They perform Tuesday through Saturday (taking Sunday and Monday off) and they will perform through early August.  Here is a quick listing of what I observed on Friday.  I listed the most of the songs I heard and their location including direction if you wanted to catch a performance/song.

3:00pm Disney California Adventure Backlot Stage

This set usually features more of a jazz flavor to it and throughout the summer will include guest performers with the band.


5:15pm Disneyland – Flag Retreat Ceremony in Town Square

The band marches to the Flag Pole in Town Square and is joined by the Dapper Dans and a Disneyland Security Honor Guard for the nightly lowering of the flags.  They play patriotic music including Yankee Doodle Dandy, an armed forces medley, the Star Spangled Banner, Stars and Stripes Forever and concludes with God Bless America.


6:15pm Disneyland – Castle Performance & Main Street

The band marches to the area in front of the castle.  Once there they perform “A Dream is a Wish Your Hear Makes” and then a Disneyland Attraction Medley with the castle as the backdrop.  They then march to Main Street USA and stop just past Coke Corner (facing Town Square) and perform a medley from the Incredibles.  As they continue down the street they perform “Gonna Take You There” from “Princess and the Frog”.  Once they reach the end of Main Street by the Emporium they turn around and perform “Under the Sea” from the “Little Mermaid” to wrap up the set.


7:15pm Disneyland – Train Station/Town Square

The band marches out from the Main Street Parade gate around Town Square and sets up on the train station steps. They perform their theme song “Bubbles Was a Cheerleader” there and then assemble on street level facing Town Square (with the train station as the backdrop) and perform a three medleys – Jungle Book, Michael Jackson and Earth, Wind & Fire.

8:15pm Disneyland – Parade Route

The band marches out of the Small World parade gate and stops in the Small World Mall to perform a Disney Movie Medley, they face away from Small World (Small World is the backdrop).   They then march to the hub.  On 6/17 they stoped again before the Tomorrowland cross walk but on 6/24 they stopped further down the street past Coke Corner and perform “Uptown Funk” facing the center of the hub.  They then march toward Town Square and on 6/17 stop near Carnation on 6/24 further down near the Cinema and perform “Let it Go” facing Town Square.   They continue down the street and around to the Train Station and perform a Star Wars Medley in front of the Train Station facing Town Square before they finish marching the parade route and end their day.

Here is my full playlist of videos from this year and years past of the band:


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