Disneyland Paris Pictures

Disneyland Paris FastPass Pictures

This evening I was cleaning my desktop folders and came across some of my FastPasses from Disneyland Paris and thought some may enjoy seeing them.  I tend to collect a lot of random Disney paper and souvenirs on my trips, and I have found my paper FastPass collection a fun way to relive some of the trip and interesting to compare the parks around the world.  Below are the ones I collected on my trip to Paris last fall.  I did not get one for Star Tours since they crowds were light and it was not operating and somehow I missed the Flying Carpets and Tower of Terror at the Studios park.   The rest are below.

For more pictures from the Paris Parks be sure to visit my 2015 Paris Trip Summary Page for all my pictures, videos, thoughts & observations.

Disneyland Paris FastPasses

Disneyland Paris FastPasses Disneyland Paris FastPasses


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