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Details on the Tokyo Disney Resort Christmas Offerings (Disney Release)

Christmas at Tokyo Disney Resort November 8 through December 25, 2016

Tokyo Disney ChristmasURAYASU, CHIBA—Tokyo Disney Resort® will host a variety of Christmas-themed special events, programs and activities at Tokyo DisneySea® Park, Tokyo Disneyland® Park, the Disney Hotels, the Disney Resort Line and Ikspiari® from November 8 through December 25, 2016. Guests visiting the Resort with family, friends and others dear to them will find a special, heartwarming atmosphere for the holiday season.

As part of its “Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary: The Year of Wishes” celebration, Tokyo DisneySea will offer its annual special event “Christmas Wishes.” This year, in keeping with the theme of the Park’s anniversary, the holiday event will glisten even more with the symbolic Crystals of Wishes adding extra sparkle.

After dark, “Colors of Christmas: Nighttime Wishes” will be presented on the waters of Mediterranean Harbor. The Disney Friends, dressed in new costumes to match the colors of the Crystals of Wishes, will make wishes with the Guests to light up the central Christmas tree on the harbor. Then as the Christmas version of the Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary theme song is heard, shining Christmas trees and other glowing objects appear in the colors of the Crystals of Wishes creating an enchanting atmosphere.

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In American Waterfront, Christmas trees designed with Crystals of Wishes will be found in Waterfront Park and the 15-meter-tall Christmas tree set up in front of the luxury ocean liner, S.S. Columbia, will be decorated with the 15th Anniversary logo. Decorations around the Park will also reflect this milestone year at Tokyo DisneySea.

In addition, Guests will find a wide variety of holiday enjoyment around the Park, including “A Perfect Christmas,” an entertainment program featuring the Disney Friends sharing their dreams of Christmas, and the glowing illuminations of “Fiesta de la Luz,” (Spanish for “festival of lights”) at Lost River Delta.

At Tokyo Disneyland, Guests will be able to enjoy the special event “Christmas Fantasy,” which is themed to “pop-up storybooks full of the Disney Friends’ Christmas fun.” This event offers Guests a happy and fantastic Disney-style Christmas.

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Presented along the parade route, “Disney Christmas Stories” will bring to life pages from storybooks showing the Disney characters having fun at Christmastime.

Oversize pop-up storybooks and other decorations around the Park entrance and the Plaza in front of Cinderella Castle will also feature the Disney Characters celebrating the holidays. There will even be a pop-up storybook photo location that will give Guests the experience of literally being part of the story. And all through the Park, Guests will be able to enjoy a colorful and heartwarming world of Christmas as only Tokyo Disneyland can offer.

In conjunction with the Parks, Disney Ambassador® Hotel, Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta®, Tokyo Disneyland® Hotel, the Disney Resort Line, and Ikspiari will also host events perfect for the holiday season.


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