Frozen Northern Lights: Adventure Notebook – Daynah’s Review

Frozen Adventure GuideFrozen Northern Lights: Adventure Notebook” is a book written by Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff! They take turns documenting their action-packed journey to the Northern Lights.

My Daughter’s Reaction

My 5-year-old daughter loved this book because it was another adventure with her favorite characters. The drawings all made her laugh.


I love how the characters all had a unique style for writing in their entries. From particular handwriting and artistic works of art, you feel like you are actually reading a journal written by then. Some pages have doodles and random pictures that are just hilarious. I read this book to my daughter but I was just as excited as her as we flipped through all the pages. Note, it is written as a journal so there are no chapters. That could mean that your child would want you to keep reading until the end of the book! I greatly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to any Frozen fans.


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