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Moana and the Ocean by Heather Knowles, Illustrated by Annette Marnat

Moana and the OceanMoana and the Ocean is a beautiful picture book is based on the recent Disney Animation Studios’ film, Moana. It features an engaging story about Moana’s unique friendship with the Ocean, starting when she was a child. The stylized artwork on each page speaks to your emotions. The colors start out with calm ocean blue during her childhood, and progress to deeper and rich colors as she journeys into new adventures.

My Daughter’s Reaction

My 5-year-old daughter loved the pictures in this book and how Moana and the Ocean gets along together. She asked me many questions as we read through the book together.


I really love the storytelling of picture books, and this story of Moana and the Ocean is simply beautiful. The vibrant colors on each page takes you through a roller coaster of emotions and let you get to know the true Moana. The book features 32 fully colored pages and is written from the perspective of the ocean. “Moana and the Ocean” is written by Heather Knowles and Illustrated by Annette Marnat. I would recommend this book for your library if you enjoy beautiful picture books.


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