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Disneynature: Growing Up Wild – Jason’s 1st Impressions

Disneynature: Growing Up Wild is now available on Disney Movies Anywhere, Digital HD & VOD.   The film takes a look at five animal families that have all appeared in previous Disneynature films.  This includes bear, cheetah, lion, chimpanzee and monkey children.  Common challenges they all face in their early years of life are examined.   For example finding food/hunting or learning traditions/skills of their mothers and fellow members of their groups.    Growing Up Wild  is narrated by Daveed Diggs.  There are no bonus features with this release.

I watched the movie through Disney Movies Anywhere.  The film moves at a much quicker pace than the regular Disneynature releases.  This one clocks in at 77 minutes and features a look at five species.  So you do not have a long time with each.  Also unlike the other Disneynature releases the story is broader and does not go into great depth about each animal.       Most of the footage used in this films appears, or seems to have appeared, in the previous films.  The narration is new but has elements that overlap and reference the original stories.    Because of this if you have seen the original films you probably will not see anything new or different in this one, I have and nothing jumped out to me.

If you really enjoy the Disneynature films or feel the long format ones will be too long for you or your kids, you may want to consider adding Growing Up Wild to your collection.

To view the trailer or learn more about the release here is the original press announcementclick here

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