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Star Wars Galactic Maps & Rebel Dossier Books

Disney/Lucasfilm Press recently released two books your child or you may find helpful to answer questions about the who, what, where and when in the Star Wars universe.    They are both reference books providing background details to help clarify and organize the key players, locations and more.   If you are a Star Wars “geek” you probably already have all this memorized and will look at these in a completely different way, maybe gathering hints at other plot lines.  For the rest of us the number of places, people and timelines can be a bit overwhelming at times and these two books may help you sort out some of it.    Both books are written for ages 8-12 grades 3-7.

Star Wars Glactic maps Book CoverStar Wars Galactic Maps

This oversized (11 x 0.8 x 15 inches ) 80 page hard cover book is labeled as an illustrated atlas of the Star Wars Universe.  In addition to representational maps it includes timelines, character listings/information, diagrams of key battles and more.    It fills in the who, what, where and when information.   The timeline covers all the films released so far as well as the Rebels TV show.  The maps are more visual guides to locations and key events that took place there than traditional navigational maps.  The artwork throughout the book is representational.   I found the four page timeline near the beginning interesting to put the events of the films into some perspective.  Also interesting was the Bestiary at the end, it is a two page spread shows the relative sizes many of the various creatures from the Star Wars Universe.

Star Wars rebel dossier Book CoverStar Wars Rogue One – Rebel Dossier

A smaller hard cover book than the Galactic Maps, both in size and number of pages.  It is set up as a series of briefing documents detailing the who and what from Rogue One.     The pages detail biographies on the those involved, background information on the mission.  Unlike the maps book this one relies on text to convey the information and provides photos/stills to supplement the information.


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