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Star Wars 1/2 Marathon Weekend (Some Expo & other pictures)

This weekend the Disneyland Resort is hosting the light side Star Wars half marathon. Here is the finish line between ESPN and Disneyland Hotel.

20170113 131620 wm

20170113 131625 wm

I normally pass through the merchandise area, but the queue overflowed into the lobby area and had a lot of switchbacks.

20170113 133451 wm

So this is as close as I went…

20170113 133511 wm

20170113 133529 wm

New Balance had shoes inspired by Disney attractions as well as a virtual queue to purchase them.

20170113 133151 wm

20170113 133040 wm

20170113 133044 wm

20170113 133056 wm

20170113 133036 wm

some race medals for this weekend.

20170113 132709 wm

Medals for other events

20170113 132627 wm

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