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​Disneyland Star Wars Construction Check (1/19)

This post has a quick check of the Star Wars preparations at Disneyland taken with my cell phone. For more pictures visit my full picture sets and/or our construction progress section.

A check of the site from the Mickey and Friends parking structure.


20170119 135237 wm

A look across the site from left to right (north to south).  Not a lot of activity this afternoon, it rained earlier in the day and overnight and more forecasted later today.

20170119 135512 wm

20170119 135514 wm

Trees going in along the far hill above where the train will pass between the back of Fantasyland and the Star Wars area.

20170119 135517 wm

You can see trees ready to be placed in the center of this picture.  In the background landscaping is going in on the hill why the sky way building once stood.

20170119 135519 wm

20170119 135523 wm

20170119 135526 wm

20170119 135208 wm

20170119 135206 wm

A look a the show building basement and foundation work closest the parking structure.

20170119 135535 wm

20170119 135539 wm

From the end of the Big Thunder Trail

20170119 160708 wm

A look through the fence.

20170119 160750 wm

20170119 160756 wm

From Critter Country

20170119 161425 wm

Some wood/forms are partially blocking the view through the fence today.  Notice the river bed is lined with plastic, guessing to minimize the mud.

20170119 161527 wm

The concrete slabs are still visible on the future walkway.

20170119 161823 wm

20170119 161826 wm

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