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The Light Between Oceans Blu-Ray + Bonus Features (Maggie’s Impressions)

Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender in “The Light Between Oceans.”

The Light Between Oceans” was released on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital HD on January 24. Starring Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander and Rachel Weisz, the movie is a period romantic drama set on a fictional island called Janus Rock throughout the 1920s. Tom Sherbourne (Fassbender) takes over care of the lighthouse on Janus Rock after World War I, and, after courtship through letters, marries Isabel (Vikander). Following a series of miscarriages, the couple finds a baby washed up in a boat on the shore of the island and raise her as their own, only to discover years later that her mother (Weisz) is still alive.

“The Light Between Oceans” is beautifully shot, and plays out on really gorgeous scenery. I found the movie to be quite sad, but at least very unique from what is expected from a period romance. The beginning of the movie is made up of a lot of contemplative staring, quiet romance and beautiful scenery. Though the rest of the movie is certainly enjoyable, it really starts to feel like too much at a certain point. One or two of the events in this movie would have been the emotional climax of another film. “The Light Between Oceans” raises interesting (if preposterous) moral dilemmas about relationships and parenting, and is aesthetically a very beautiful film.

Rachel Weisz in “The Light Between Oceans.”

The Blu-Ray has two Bonus Extras: “Bringing the Light to Life” and “Lighthouse Keeper.” The first is about 17 minutes long and features interviews with the director (Derek Cianfrance), the producer (David Heymann), as well as the film’s leads. They discuss at length the process of making the film on Cape Campbell off the coast of New Zealand. Some of the methods they used during filming are quite interesting, and there are some good behind the scenes takes. The end of this feature focuses on “casting” the island where the film was shot. “Lighthouse Keeper” is a combination of more history of the island, as well as background on how a lighthouse works and the duties of the lighthouse keeper. The total run time of the Bonus Extras is a little over 20 minutes and, for those who enjoyed “The Light Between Oceans,” would definitely be worth watching for “Bringing the Light to Life.”

Maggie Sharpe

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