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Grand Californian Pool Renovation Check 4/21

The pool renovation project at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel looks close to wrapping up on thd pool closest to Storytellers with walls up around the slide area and toward the villas.

The renovation work was complete and the pools were reopened when I visited on Thursday May 25th. Here are pictures of the completed project.

5 thoughts on “Grand Californian Pool Renovation Check 4/21

  • We arrive at Grand Californian on May 6. Hopefully, one pool will be in service. Thank you so much for your photo. It gave us hope☺

  • Any idea when the pool will reopen? Disney is tightlipped on the subject when we call for information. Their Blog too still suggests Spring opening with no real date.

    • I have not heard but the one pool looks ready to go and they were working on walls blocking off the slides and other pool area so I would say really soon they will have it partially open.

      • Thanks so much for the information. I know it will be beautiful when done – hopefully in time for our short trip in May.
        Love your Blog and look forward to more great posts. All the Best!

  • Thank you SO much for the Grand Californian pool updates. Please keep them coming. I have seached all over the web and your pics are the only ones that are the most recent. We have a vacation coming up and are keeping a watchful eye on the pool area completion.


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