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Disney Grand Californian Pool Renovation Status (5/12)

Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel pool area is still under renovation.  The Fountain Pool (the one closest to the restaurants and a spa are now available for guests.  The Redwood Pool (water slide) and Mariposa Pool (one closest to the DVC wing) are closed still.  Below are some cell phone pictures from Friday May 12th, for more pictures visit my full Disneyland Picture set.

The renovation work was complete and the pools were reopened when I visited on Thursday May 25th.  Here are pictures of the completed project.

20170512 184135 wm

20170512 184139 wm

20170512 184218 wm

20170512 184242 wm

The waterslide is under a tent.

20170512 184247 wm

20170512 184323 wm 1

20170512 184332 wm

3 thoughts on “Disney Grand Californian Pool Renovation Status (5/12)

  • This is excellent news, as we are headed there soon! Do you know when the other pools may open?

    • I saw no indications of an opening date and from the angle I had I could not see the work going on (besides the tent) so not sure how close to done they may be.

      • Thanks for the post and the reply! At least we know one pool will be open. That’s better than none!


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