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1st Look – Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!

A quick set of cell phone pictures taking my first look at the Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout!  (I have updated this post with some videos Disney provided plus my own).  Be sure to visit our full Disneyland picture set from this trip for a more in depth look and SLR pictures.

Starting off with the attraction sign on Sunset Blvd.

20170525 135550 wm

The Fortress was off limits to guests today, but available for media previews.

20170525 135625 wm

A check of the queue..  you will not see it this empty once it opens on Saturday.  (Note the spotlight in the background is for the grand opening events).

20170525 135721 wm

A gold statue of the collector right before you enter the building.

20170525 135702 wm

Walking into the front door.  The fortress can be locked down to keep the collection inside.

20170525 135735 wm

The queue houses some of the collection.  The lights and equipment were set up for a film crew.

20170525 135746 wm
20170525 135807 wm
20170525 135750 wm
20170525 140003 wm
20170525 135958 wm
20170525 140112 wm
20170525 140109 wm

Here is a video Disney provided that showcases the queue:


20170525 140225 wm

Next stop the Collector’s Office.  Here we learn Rocket has escaped and he shares his plan to free the other Guardians.

20170525 140402 wm
20170525 140512 wm
20170525 140452 wm
20170525 140507 wm

A video I took in the Collector’s Office:

We then head into the basement of the Fortress where all the pipes end.  More of the vast collection is on display here too.

20170525 140953 wm
20170525 141007 wm

Everyone recognize this snowman?  It is Harold from the Matterhorn.

20170525 141246 LLS wm

You then board the elevator and help Rocket free everyone.  Here is some on-ride video that Disney released:

A look at the PhotoPass frame.

20170525 141620 wm

For more pictures be sure to visit our full Disneyland picture set from this trip for a more in depth look.

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