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Holly’s Day at the Pool by Benson Shum – Daynah’s Review

hollydayatpoolHolly’s Day at the Pool by Benson Shum

“NOOOOOOO! I don’t want to go to the pool. What if . . . the water is too cold?” says Holly.

Holly the hippo has a fear of water. She imagines the worst! From icebergs and icy water to penguins and seals, something scary is lurking out there. Her imagination just goes crazy and it makes hard for her to set foot in the pool.


Holly’s Day at the Pool” is part of the Disney Artist Showcase which gives Disney artists opportunities to share their stories and create worlds through picture books.

Benson’s book is about a hippo named Holly who has fear of water. Her little sister Dottie helps her overcome this fear and show the world how brave she can be.

I read this book many times to my daughters and they enjoy it more and more each time. Each page is just pure joy. We love the beautiful water-color illustrations and the attention to detail of the characters.

“Holly’s Day at the Pool” is a must-have for any picture library! I love that it is a story about sisters and how that inspires finding bravery from within. The artwork is beautiful and gives a happy feeling as your turn each page.

Follow Benson Shum Art for more samples of his work. He also worked on a little movie called Moana. Maybe you heard of it?

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