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New Star Wars and Marvel Packaging Icons Introduced to Help Families Make Healthier Choices

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New Star Wars and Marvel Packaging Icons Introduced to Help Families Make Healthier Choices

Along with the “Disney Check,” the new icons will appear on food and beverage packaging, content, and recipes that meet Disney Nutrition Guideline Criteria

BURBANK, Calif., October 20, 2017 —The Walt Disney Company has announced the expansion of its popular “Disney Check” to include Marvel and Star Wars icons. Since launching in 2012, the “Disney Check” featuring Mickey Mouse has helped millions of families make healthier choices by appearing on food, beverages, and recipes that meet Disney Nutrition Guideline Criteria. Starting this fall, the expanded Family of Checks—including Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel branded icons—will appear in-store, online, on-air, and other places where Disney products are sold.

Disney launched the “Disney Check” in response to parents who said they were looking for a simple, easy way to identify healthier food and beverage choices. Disney internal research found that 95% of parents say that healthy living is important—while 59% say that nutrition labels are confusing. Parents are looking for a simple, easy way to identify healthier food and beverage choices, and more than 60% say that kid-friendly icons are their most useful resource.

“Disney is committed to creating healthier generations by making healthy living fun and simple,” said Elissa Margolis, senior vice president, Enterprise Social Responsibility. “Parents are looking for positive ways to encourage nutritious eating with their kids, and the expanded Disney Family of Checks puts the full power of the Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel brands to work for families.”

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The “Disney Check” has served as a quick and easy way for families to identify food and beverage options that meet the Company’s rigorous Nutrition Guideline Criteria. The expansion of the tool to include Star Wars and Marvel will harness the power and popularity of those brands to help even more parents and kids find nutritious choices.

“Every day, 25-30% of children and adolescents fail to consume a fruit, and an equal number fail to consume a vegetable,” said Bill Dietz, Director of the Sumner M. Redstone Global Center for Prevention and Wellness at the Milken Institute School of Public Health at The George Washington University. “Furthermore, parents are confused about what foods constitute a healthy choice. Successful and innovative efforts to help parents and children identify, purchase and consume healthful foods are essential to reduce rates of obesity and other chronic diseases.”

Disney Nutrition Guideline Criteria—which were originally rolled out in 2006—were developed in consultation with credentialed nutrition experts, and reflect scientific dietary standards like those recommended by USDA My Plate and the U.S. Dietary Guidelines. They are based on rigorous, science-backed standards, and are continually updated to remain current. The criteria promote the consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and low-fat dairy. They also help to limit saturated fats, sugar, and sodium.

85% of the Company’s North America licensed food and beverage portfolio meets these standards, including a robust offering of fresh produce. Disney has also worked with licensees and food purveyors to reformulate products to meet these guidelines, bringing healthier options to supermarket shelves.

“We work with best-in-class food and beverage companies, and are excited that the Check tool is encouraging families to make healthier choices,” said John T. King, vice president, Licensing, Disney Consumables. “We are always looking for new ways to expand our offering of healthy foods, and are thrilled to work with our licensees and partners to leverage this expanded tool.”

Disney’s Nutrition Guideline Policy is part of The Walt Disney Company’s Healthy Living Commitment, which extends well beyond the Family of Checks, and includes efforts to support and promote physical activity, healthy habits, and nutritious food and beverages. The commitment comes to life through digital and broadcast content and experiences that inspire kids and families to live healthier lifestyles.  Additionally, strict food advertising standards ensure our media platforms oriented to children promote nutritious foods and beverages, and that any food marketing oriented to adults is done responsibly. Since the Commitment was introduced ten years ago, it has inspired parents and kids to eat more than 8 billion servings of fruits and vegetables.

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