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Disneyland Star Wars Launch Bay Updates

Recently the Star Wars Launch Bay in Disneyland Tomorrowland has been updated with some items from The Last Jedi and Galaxy’s Edge.

The area next to the video that had Rey’s speeder and BB8 now features part of the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge model that was at the D23 Expi last summer.

20171215 171808 wm

20171215 171814 wm

20171215 171822 wm

20171215 171819 wm

20171215 171836 wm

20171215 171833 wm 1

Some video game consoles have been removed in another pod to accomodate a small Lego area and store.

20171215 172051 wm

20171215 172057 wm

20171215 172113 wm

Some of the props and signs in the display cases when you first enter feature items from l The Last Jedi

20171215 172343 wm 1
20171215 172349 wm

20171215 172359 wm
20171215 172354 wm
20171215 172231 wm
No one was meeting on the light side but two dark side choices when I walked through.

20171215 172133 wm
20171215 172156 wm

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