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Paradise Pier Transformation to Pixar Pier – Pictures from 1/12

Paradise Pier is being transformed into Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure.  Here are some cell phone pictures of a walk around the pier first out to Toy Story by way of the cove,  then around the other side.  The gondolas have all been removed from the Fun Wheel.  For a more in depth look be sure to visit our full Disneyland Picture Set.

20180112 151854 wm

The entrance arch looks untouched except for the removal of Christmas.

20180112 151912 wm

20180112 151959 wm

A sign sharing the Toy Story stand by time, note FastPass distribution is from a World of Color cart in the Bay Area

20180112 151909 wm

The pier is blocked off at Toy Story and by the parade gate/swings on the other side.  So signs are up to direct you.

20180112 151834 wm

Seaside Treasures signs are gone and the canopy cover.

20180112 152012 wm

20180112 152015 wm

Ariel’s sign is still up.

20180112 152020 wm

20180112 152018 wm

20180112 152054 wm

20180112 152220 wm

20180112 152113 wm

The signs on Ariel’s are gone.

20180112 152155 wm

20180112 152215 wm

20180112 152119 wm

Walls up around Screamin.

20180112 152342 wm

20180112 152335 wm

20180112 152354 wm

20180112 152245 wm

20180112 152243 wm

20180112 152241 wm

20180112 152404 wm

Brings back memories of past projects.  Walls all around you.

20180112 152447 wm

20180112 152401 wm

Concept art and some graphics for the Incredicoaster.

20180112 152529 wm

20180112 152523 wm

20180112 152540 wm

Scaffolding up on both sides of the launch hill

20180112 152717 wm

Walls and scaffolding upon the Toy Story store too

20180112 152644 wm

King Tritons was open.

20180112 154302 wm

From Paradise Park

20180112 154718 wm

20180112 154727 wm

20180112 155051 wm

The top of the loopis removed for rennovation

20180112 154725 wm

The end of the line near the parade gate

20180112 155158 wm

A map on the wall.

20180112 155143 wm


For a more in depth look be sure to visit our full Disneyland Picture Set.

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  • About how long will this take?

    • Ryan – Disney has not announced opening dates yet, but the first phases should be opening in April and then more opening throughout the summer. Some late additions like the Inside Out attraction are further on the horizon with no timeframe hinted at yet.


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