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Disneyland Main Street USA – Streetcar Track Replacement Pictures from 2/23

The project to replace the Horse-drawn Streetcar tracks on Main Street USA at Disneyland continues to move along. The walls have started to come down with Town Square and the hub now complete.  New walls are up on the spur line and the straight part of the street remains behind walls.  Below are some cell phone pictures from Friday 2/23 featuring a check of the progress including a look at the recently completed sections. For more pictures be sure to visit our full Disneyland Picture Set.

The walls around Town Square are now gone and the new track and brickwork is visible.

Looking up Main Street walls remain on the straight portion of the street.

A look at the new track and brickwork from the train station.

Now from ground level (note as of Friday the popcorn and churro carts had not returned yet.

There is also a wall up on the spur that leads backstage.

Looking up Main Street USA.

The walls around the hub came down last weekend.

Where the finished meets the unfinished.

I thought it looked a little awkward with the different types of brick and styles right next to each other.

The walkway/ramps going east/west through the hub have been expanded to span the entire walkway and have a different brick pattern to stand out.

Looking toward Tomorrowland.


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