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Lady and the Tramp – Walt Disney Signature Collection Release

Lady and the Tramp Walt Disney Signature Blu-rayLady and the Tramp returns to home video with a Walt Disney Signature Collection Release.  This time available on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital  (moviesanywhere).   I received the blu-ray set and explored the blu-ray version, I ran into an issue redeeming the digital copy.  2/28 Update — After a couple of chat sessions over two days with tech support they figured out the issue and resolved it.  Seems my code was not indicating it was the signature edition so it was conflicting with my 2012 digital copy already in my account and it would not let me add the new disc.

The film is presented in three formats.  The original theatrical edition and a new sign-along version where the lyrics for the songs pop up as you watch.  The third is “Inside Walt’s Story Meetings” which features a dramatic reading of notes from story meetings as the film plays.   The audio/video is the same as the  previous release of the film, which looks great but is nothing new/changed.

There are three new bonus features on the disc.  I really enjoyed “Stories from Walt’s Office”.   Here you get a look around and some information on Walt’s office suite in the Animation Building that was recently restored.  They also take you through a typical day for Walt.    There is another new Walt centric featured titled “Walt & His Dogs” that uses interview clips from Walt to describe his pets over the years and features photos from the Disney family museum.  The last new featurette is “How to Make a Meatball and Other Fun Facts About Lady and the Tramp featuring an Oh My Disney host and teen chef.

There were a couple classic bonus features as well as three deleted scenes on the disc.    I was not able to view them, but the digital release includes classic bonus features both the Diamond and Platinum Releases.    For a full listing and tech details on the release here is the full press release.

A fair question to ask is if you own the 2012 digital release is there enough new to justify this Signature Collection release?    The office featurette was interesting to me and the Walt and His Dog one was well done, but none of the other bonus material or movie itself is new/changed.  So you are not receiving a lot of new material in this release.  If adding the couple new features appeals to you then adding another version of the film to your library may be worthwhile.    If you did not purchase back in 2012 I would definitely consider it to expand your digital library and receive all the classic bonus features plus the new ones.

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