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Paradise Pier Transformation to Pixar Pier Pictures (5/11)

Pixar Pier continues to move quickly toward the June 23rd opening date. It will be opening in phases throughout next couple of years, first up in June will be the Incredicoaster, the shops, and dining locations. For more pictures be sure to visit our full Disneyland Picture Set.

One of the new entrance feature towers for Pixar Pier sticks up between the buildings in the Wharf.

20180511 163240 wm

Some scaffolding down and more flags installed as the new entrance to Pixar Pier takes shape.

20180511 164310 wm

20180511 164313 wm

On the far side of the Paradise Bay more scaffolding is removed and the World of Color projector housings are turning blue.

20180511 164355 wm

Scaffolding is being removed from the Fun Wheel as painting continues on the lower portion.

20180511 164401 wm

A closer look.

20180511 164550 wm

More scaffolding is gone from the Incredicoaster.

20180511 164406 wm

Painting underway for the Midway Games.

20180511 164552 wm

The new color scheme is being unveiled slowly as scaffolding is removed.

20180511 164512 wm

Scaffolding still up inside.

20180511 164516 wm 2

The Incredicoaster station from across the Bay.

20180511 171529 wm

A look at the games area from under the swings.

20180511 171555 wm

Wood framing is being added to the steel for the facades of the shops.

20180511 171535 wm 1

The new color scheme for the projector housings.

20180511 171637 wm 2

20180511 180538 wm

The Cove Bar is still open, but a slightly shorter line than usual at the moment.

20180511 175716 wm

The gold stars are turning red.

20180511 180328 wm

Lamp Posts are going yellow/gold.

20180511 175809 wm

The Incredicoaster station and a light post that is starting to be painted.

20180511 180327 wm

The concrete for the new fountain at the carousel.

20180511 180341 wm

Looking toward Toy Story.

20180511 180050 wm

The steel work from the Toy Story queue.

20180511 180625 wm 1

20180511 180627 wm

20180511 180429 wm 1

The marquee is still gone.

20180511 180516 wm 1

More of the Incredicoaster queue and beyond it the old photo location that will become a cookie store.

20180511 181117 wm

20180511 180812 wm

One last picture of the Incredicoaster queue.

20180511 181112 wm

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