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Paradise Pier Transformation to Pixar Pier Pictures (6/15)

The next phase of Pixar Pier opens next Saturday, June 23rd. It will be opening in phases throughout next couple of years, first up in June will be the Incredicoaster, the shops, and dining locations. For more pictures be sure to visit our full Disneyland Picture Set.

A look at the new band shell and store facades.  This week there were a very large number of workers on site as they race toward the opening next weekend. The grand opening events start on Thursday, so they have less than a week to wrap up the projects.

Teams working on the queue entrance.  New bright yellow covers over the queue.

The scaffolding is down and painting complete on the World of Color projection Towers.  World of Color is on the calendar to return next week too.

Most of the scaffolding is removed from the Lamplight Lounge and cast members were onsite for some training it appeared.

The Incredicoaster station work is wrapping up and teams were working on the shade structures in the queue.

The Poultry Palace exterior is moving along

Toy Story Midway Mania is closed this week.

The Pixar Pier entrance sign is installed but covered and no sign of the Luxo figure.

The Incredibles archway looks complete and beyond it a mural for the cookie stand.

Walking out to Pixar Pier.  Only the gift shop and ice cream shop were open today.

Signs are installed for Knick’s Knacks.

The walls are removed so you can see the new fountain/wall installed by the carousel.  Appears nothing has been done to the carousel itself.

The Incredicoaster queue.

Trees waiting to be planted in the area.

A closer look at the mural.  Also a small structure on the left, guessing that is either the queue entrance or maybe relocated FastPass?

A Pixar Ball on top of the lounge seating canopy.

A closer look at the queue work.

Guests looking for shade and place to eat their ice cream.  No benches in the area right now.


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