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Pixar Pier Ongoing Work Pictures (6/29)

Pixar Pier officially opened last Saturday. Several areas are still being worked on. Some details and the store are coming soon others like the two attractions not until 2019.  Starting off with the entrance sign.  The Luxo Jr. Lamp that will be the centerpiece is coming later this year.

Carousel is behind a wall and has a tarp up around it now too.  It will reopen in 2019 featuring Jessie’s Critters.

Further along the boardwalk Bing Bong’s store is behind walls.  The facade lighting and signs are being installed.  It is slated to open in July.

On the far side of the pier the former Maliboomer area the Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind  will open in 2019 (the ride system looks to be Flik’s Flyers).  It appears no work has started yet all the trees look to still be there.

I took a second walk through as the sun was setting.  Noticed the signs are not fully lit.

The neon was not on.

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