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“Song of Mirage” To Replace “Out of Shadowland” Next Summer at Tokyo DisneySea

Song of Mirage Tokyo DisneySeaNew Show to Premiere in Summer 2019 at Hangar Stage in Tokyo DisneySea

URAYASU, CHIBA— Oriental Land Co., Ltd. announced that a new stage show, “Song of Mirage,” will open in the summer of 2019 at the Hangar Stage, located in Lost River Delta at Tokyo DisneySea® Park. Created expressly for the Hangar Stage, this show features an original story, singing, dancing and everyone’s favorite Disney Characters in a rousing live performance with impressive projection mapping.

In this show, Mickey Mouse and his Disney pals go on an adventure to seek out the Rio Dorado (Spanish for “golden river”) and its legendary city of gold. The show begins in an old airplane hangar in Lost River Delta where Goofy, a pilot, is taking it easy. A trio of adventurers – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck – make their way into the hangar. Donald has picked up a mysterious staff which magically leads them on an exciting adventure.

Mickey and his friends learn that to reach the elusive city of Rio Dorado, they must strongly believe that dreams do come true. As the mysterious staff points the way, they discover exciting worlds – a paradise of plants, a cavern of gorgeous crystals and ancient verdant ruins – where they have some wonderful encounters as lively rhythms surround them. Then as the power of their wishes reaches a climax, a bright fanfare is heard and before their eyes the vast, majestic land of Rio Dorado appears. Swept up by all they see, they join in an enthusiastic celebration.


Opening Date:
Summer 2019 (tentative)

About 30 minutes

Participating Disney Characters:
Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy

Note: With the introduction of this new show, “Out of Shadowland,” currently presented at Hangar Stage,
will close on March 31, 2019.

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