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Disneyland Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Construction Pictures (9/14/18)

This post has a quick check of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge work at Disneyland taken with my cell phone. For more pictures visit my full picture sets and/or our construction progress section. To help put this work into perspective here is the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Model @ D23 Expo 2017 (Pictures & Video).

An overview picture from the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure.

20180914 125003 wm

Not a lot of visible progress on the background spires.

20180914 125007 wm

Panning across the site from left to right.

20180914 125010 wm 1

20180914 125013 wm

20180914 125015 wm

Here you can see more concrete has been added to t he wire mesh forming the rocks on the park side.

20180914 125018 wm

No real visible progress in this area since last visit.

20180914 125020 wm

Moving into the park the view from the top deck of the Mark Twain Riverboat.

20180914 152055 wm


20180914 152624 wm

20180914 152440 wm


20180914 152255 wm

20180914 152306 wm


20180914 152214 wm

20180914 152530 wm

20180914 152634 wm

From the Miss Daisy in  Toon Town

20180914 165653 wm

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