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Captain Marvel Home Video Release – My 1st Impressions

Captain Marvel - Blu RayCaptain Marvel is now available digitally and will be on disc June 11th.   Captain Marvel takes you back to the 1990’s on a journey with Carol Danvers who works to discovers who she is.  Along the way you are introduced to a young Nick Fury and meet a younger Phil Coulson too.  Captain Marvel finds herself in the middle of the war between the Skrulls and the Kree which has found its way to earth.  Check out Maggie’s full review of Captain Marvel from its theatrical release for more info on the film.

This initial home video release includes a half dozen featurettes and another half dozen deleted scenes plus a gag reel and directors commentary on the disc version.  The digital version adds a couple exclusive featurettes to the offering.   For a full listing of the bonus features and technical specs here is the initial press release

I was sent Blu-ray plus digital code version to review.   I was disappointed with the featurettes on this release. I was expecting more.  The same scenes and dialog were repeated in several of the featurettes which bothers me.  I like to see unique content in each, especially when there is under 25 minutes of material presented.    With bonus material I enjoy seeing a look behind the camera or to learn more in depth about the film making process.  The topics chosen for the pieces were interesting sounding but the execution seemed superficial to me and a missed opportunity.  For example there is a featurette on Goose, the cat.  I would have liked to have learned more about how/why/where they choose to use a real cat, a CG cat or a prop cat.   They elude to it and show some clips of each but it is not explored.

The six deleted scenes did not include any type of introduction or information, just six clips.   I always prefer to have some context for the clip and find it interesting hearing why it did not make it into the final film.   Gag reels usually do not interest me and this one was no exception.

The most interesting featurette to me was the digital exclusive – “Journey into Visual Effects with Victoria Alonso”.  This piece clocked in at just over 7 minutes and shares a look at what Victoria has done for several of the films in the MCU starting with the first Iron Man and including her role for Captain Marvel.  It also showed a glimpse at some of the visual effects and how they have evolved over the films.  My only complaint with this piece is it still seemed short and only scratching the surface even at 7 minutes long.

If you are a Marvel fan you probably have already added or are soon adding Captain Marvel to your video library.  For the casual fan if you enjoyed the movie you will find this an ok addition. If you are searching for an in depth or extended set of bonus features beyond the film you may be disappointed in this offering.

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