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35 min wait for a Mickey Waffle (only 4 people in front of us)

Disneyland Paris food service is slow. Here is an example from the Old Mill.  We showed up and only saw a handful of groups in each of the two lines.   Turns out there were only 4 groups in the line we choose but it still took 35 minutes to get a waffle.  The orders were not that large, the issue appeared to be only three waffle irons total for the 2 queues to share and it took several minutes for each waffle to cook.   So it was a very slow experience.  And to top it off they goofed up our order.. it was to be a plain/powder sugar waffle and instead they added chocolate.. so in the end it was a bonus since those cost more but still poor and we were not about to wait for a correction.  This experience is almost the exact opposite of Tokyo where you could see a line out the door for waffles and a couple dozen machines cooking away and guests moving at a moderate pace through the process.

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