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No Rise of the Resistance for me today, they are on group 60 only and I am 116

I arrived at Disney’s Hollywood Studios after 8:30am this morning due to the flight arrival time, breakfast, Magical Express, and checking in.  When I did they  had signs up saying no more boarding groups available for Rise of the Resistance. I checked the app just to see what it said and they allowed me to join group 116 so I did.  The rest of my group was 5-10 min behind me and it was full by the time they arrived so that may have been the last group.    Early on they moved through groups at a good pace but then around noon it slowed.  Around 4:30 I received an alert, see below, that I would not be able to ride today. I checked and they were up to group 60 only.   I thought it was nice they told you early so you were not holding out hope or planning on it.  The FastPass I received for tomorrow is good on any attraction at WDW including Rise of the Resistance.   So I will have to try again tomorrow.

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