Disney Wish Cruise Ship Construction Videos

Ems -Dollart Media has posted several videos featuring components of the next Disney Cruise Line ship the Disney Wish arriving at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany.  The Disney Wish is slated to start sailing in early 2022 followed by two additional ships in subsequent years –

Posted 9/8/21 – Disney Wish -Construction Update the bow got it’s Stripe

Posted 7/10/21 -Disney Wish- In Progress – The Float in Movie

Posted 7/8/21 – Floating Unit repositioning for floating In Dock II

Posted 7/5/21 – Two Ships (Disney Wish/ P&O ARVIA) – One Transport to Meyer Werft

Posted 6/19/21 – Disney Wish| Aft Sections arrived at Meyer Werft

Posted 6/16/21 – Disney Wish | The Second Funnel

Posted 5/25/21 – Disney Wish-Mid-Aft Section underway to Meyer Werft

Posted 5/11/21 – Disney Wish | Striking Stern Sections arrived at Meyer Werft

Posted 5/8/21 – Front Bow Segments convey to Meyer Werft

Posted 4/17/21 – Disney Wish | Ems river conveyance of the Bow to Meyer Werft

Posted 3/31/21 – Disney Wish – Mid Hull Segments arrived at Meyer Werft

Posted 3/26/21 – Disney Wish Megablock after float out

Posted 3/25/21 – Disney Wish Megablock float out

Posted 2/25/21 – Disney Wish: Mid Hull Segment arrived at Meyer Werft

Posted 2/24/21 – Disney Wish: Bow Thruster & Bulbous bow arrived Meyer Werft

1/17/21 – Disney Wish | A Component of the Boat Deck Jan.15th. 2021

1/13/21 – Disney Wish | The Funnel arrived at the Docks of Meyer Werft Jan.13th 2021

12/20/20 – Disney Wish | The Float-In Movie

11/30/20 – Disney Wish | Work in Progress – Moving the Floating engine room Unit & Arrival of a new section

11/04/20 – DISNEY Wish | Floating Engine Room Unit (FERU) Arrival at Meyer Werft Nov./04/2020

11/01/20 – DISNEY Wish | Floating Engine Room Unit (FERU) at port of Emden – Nov.1st./2020

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