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Shanghai Disneyland – Year of Magical Surprises – Character Costumes, Merchandise & More

Disney Unveils Dazzling New Character Costumes as Countdown Continues for Shanghai Disney Resort’s 5th Birthday Celebration

Resort introduces 200 original merchandise and food and beverage items inspired by the new costumes as part of the “Year of Magical Surprises”

Shanghai, March 29, 2021 – As the countdown continues to the start of Shanghai Disney Resort’s 5th Birthday Celebration, the resort today hosted another “magical surprise”, a glamorous fashion show inside the Enchanted Storybook Castle, featuring all-new upcoming celebratory attire for its Disney Characters. Held just before the start of Shanghai Fashion Week and featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Chip ‘n’ Dale as well as Duffy and his friends, these beloved characters spun, twirled and skipped their way down the catwalk as they proudly presented their new formal attire for the resort’s 5th Birthday.

Shanghai Disney Resort’s 5th Birthday Celebration

Brand-new Formal Attire for a Festive Celebration
As the resort’s biggest celebration to date, and with Shanghai Disneyland’s Enchanted Storybook Castle featuring so prominently in the park, the collection was designed with royal festivities in mind. Featuring a color palette of ivory and champagne gold, the new collection was carefully stitched together using intricate fabrics and ribbons, with the menswear sporting sophisticated ties, and the womenswear exhibiting beautifully shaped bows. Created as pieces of moving art and featuring festive elements including confetti, gifts and streamers, one of the biggest wow factors about the new costumes are the 5s hidden throughout.

Shanghai Disney Resort’s 5th Birthday Celebration

With different designs created for different Disney Characters, here are some of the fashion highlights guests can enjoy during the “Year of Magical Surprises”:

  • Guests will find a rich selection of elements, including ribbons and gifts in the costumes and accessories that Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse will wear. Featuring a purple, ivory and champagne gold color motif, their new outfits evoke a sense of glamor to match the elegance of the occasion.
  • Donald and Daisy’s outfits will feature blue as an accent color, with the creative stripes showcasing modern tailoring and the designers’ attention to detail.
  • Chip ‘n’ Dale will be dressed in green party outfits, adding a vibrant festive atmosphere to the big party, while also echoing the fun-loving cheeky characteristics of the duo.
  • Special color palettes of orange and red were specially designed for Pluto and Goofy respectively, with their exquisite cravats creating a fun yet formal look.
  • Duffy and Friends will appear in brilliantly colored costumes that tie together the resort’s various birthday elements with delightful Disney touches.

Shanghai Disney Resort’s 5th Birthday Celebration

Also unveiled today were a number of eye-catching costumes for Disney performers and the Surprise Squad! Inspired by the Art Deco stylings that also feature prominently throughout some of Shanghai’s most iconic buildings, the new costumes for the Disney performers feature a stylish champagne gold color palette and colorful lines with shimmering stars that represent the energy and excitement of the celebration. Similarly, the all-new Surprise Squad’s costumes incorporate a unique confetti pattern to emphasize the party atmosphere, as well as a specially designed straw hat featuring iconic Mickey ears. Guests can catch the Disney performers in their new costumes together with an all-new three-layer birthday cake float in advance of Mickey’s Storybook Express parade, as well as part of the Disney “Surprise!” Show, which will be presented up to four times per day on the Pepsi E-stage in Tomorrowland. The Surprise Squad Cast will pop up throughout the park at various times and locations to present guests with magical surprises for the duration of the resort’s year-long celebration.

Cast Members will also be participating in the festivities by sporting special birthday-themed nametags featuring sparkling pixie dust and a hidden 5th Birthday logo – adding an extra layer of magic to the entertaining atmosphere.

Magical Memories and Magnificent Merchandise
In honor of the resort’s upcoming birthday celebration, starting April 8, the following selection of 5th Birthday merchandise will begin rolling out at select locations throughout the resort. Inspired by the all-new range of Disney Character outfits, the new merchandise collections will include plush, headwear, apparel, collectables, home décor, pins, toys and more, ranging in style from festive and classic to cool.

  • With fun and festive elements, the 5th Birthday Celebration Mickey and Friends Collection features dancing ribbons, magnificent fireworks and a plethora of bright colors grouped around a main golden theme. This collection will feature plush toys, collectible figures, fashionable accessories, and a variety of other stylish products. A special 5th Birthday edition of the guest-favorite Magic Passport will also be available as part of the collection, allowing guests both new and returning to explore the park in exciting new ways as they seek out official Shanghai Disneyland stamps.
  • The 5th Birthday Celebration Duffy and Friends Collection will launch shortly after the start of the birthday celebration and features the adorable Duffy and Friends dressed in their special 5th Birthday costumes. Comprised of plush, apparel, souvenirs, home
  • Guests looking for on-trend and stylish souvenirs should be sure to pick up the 5th Birthday Celebration Colorful Collection. Inspired by the latest fashions, the collection
    features glow in the dark and light elements, conveying the shining 5th Birthday Celebration that are set to sweep across the resort.

With more collections set to roll out across the duration of the year-long festivities, there’s always something new for guests to collect and enjoy with every visit to Shanghai Disney Resort!

Delve into a Delightful Array of Delicious Delicacies!
No celebration would be complete without an accompanying feast, and as Shanghai Disney Resort kicks off its 5th Birthday Celebration on April 8, the resort’s restaurants are set to be filled to bursting with delicious snacks, treats, meals and delicacies for guests to enjoy!

  • The iconic “5” logo will feature prominently throughout the new food and beverage birthday selection, acting as the cherry on top of an already idyllic dish.
  • With more family sets than ever before to choose from, including the special “Wandering Moon Restaurant 5th Birthday Set Menu,” guests can enjoy a greater range of flavors and choice during their 5th Birthday visit to Shanghai Disney Resort.
  • As a highlight of the new dining offerings, 5th Birthday Limited – Mickey Chocolate Cake will soon make its debut at Shanghai Disneyland. Designed by a young award-winning Pastry Chef De Partie at the resort, the classic red, yellow and black cake will instantly remind guests of the funny and lovable Mickey Mouse.
  • A wide range of new and exclusive ice cream options will also be introduced at Shanghai Disneyland, including an Apple & Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream Sundae, a Frozen Pineapple & Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream Cone and a Sea Salted Cheese & Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream Cone. A new Disney Character-inspired selection, including an ‘Olu Mel Apple Flavored Ice Cream Cone and a StellaLou Peach Flavored Ice Cream Cone will also be available for guests to enjoy during the summer.
  • In the Enchanted Storybook Castle’s Royal Banquet Hall, a special 5th Birthday Five Course Set Menu will debut, inviting guests to share fairy tale delicacies with friends and family.
  • At Aurora restaurant in the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, guests can elevate their dining experience, enjoying an all-new 5th Birthday Five Course Set Menu served against the beautiful backdrop of Shanghai Disneyland’s new nighttime spectacular – ILLUMINATE! A Nighttime Celebration.

More surprises are set to be unveiled across Shanghai Disney Resort in the lead up to its 5th Birthday Celebration, so stay tuned for more magical surprises in the days to come!

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