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Book Review: Disney Princess – Healthy Treats

disney princess healthy treatsDisney Princess Healthy Treats by Ariane Resnick

Disney Princesses encourage us to embrace the Princess within ourselves. One of the most important aspects of being a Princess is taking care of our bodies with a well-balanced and healthy diet.

With this beautiful cookbook, “Disney Princess Healthy Treats,” you can channel your favorite Disney princess and their stories to create delicious and irresistible healthy treats to share with your friends and family. So grab your dinglehoppers and let’s get started!

We all know the best way to be healthy is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, but that is not really exciting. The wonderful thing about this book is that you will be able to discover many different ways to make food extra tasty, healthy, and festive! For example, some recipes will include healthy ingredients such as avocados, applesauce, or coconut oil. These types of ingredients can help reduce the amount of sugars and fat in some of our most favorite treats and comfort food.

Within “Disney Princess: Healthy Treats,” you will find more than 50 easy-to-make recipes for kid-friendly treats to explore. Each of the Disney Princesses inspire a unique and electrifying flavor in the appetizers, snacks, entrees, drinks, and desserts recipes. Some mouthwatering recipes include flavorful mango and blueberry smoothies inspired by the vibrant colors of Ariel’s pal Flounder and scrumptious Motunui Sweet Rolls inspired by the fearless Moana.

My favorite thing to do with cookbooks is flip through the pages and look at the inspirational pictures of food, and I am very impressed with all the mouthwatering recipes and the vibrant colors of each dish. My daughters and I enjoyed all the photos as everything looks so good and delicious.

The book is divided into seven chapters:

  • Breakfast Noshes
  • Breaking Bread
  • Little Hands Appetizers
  • Sharable Entrees
  • Handheld Treats
  • Dessert Shareables
  • Sippables

My daughters and I enjoyed the short story at the beginning of each recipe that connects the Princess with the healthy treat you are about to make. Each recipe comes with a list of ingredients on the left side, making it easy to create a shopping list. People may have reactions to certain foods and ingredients, so dietary terms such as gluten free, refined sugar free, vegetarian, vegan, low carb, low fat, and whole grain are also listed under the ingredients section.

An average recipe in the book contains about 3 short paragraphs of easy-to-follow and simple steps. Some recipes may have a higher difficulty level that you can measure by the list of ingredients and the additional steps to execute. For beginners, I recommend Snow White Forest Toast which is an avocado toast with the addition of microgreens, Jasmine Sour Cherry Smoothies, or Flit Berry Pudding Dip.

The main objective of this book is to help readers eat healthier in a fun and delicious way. That is achievable with all the recipes in this cookbook. Written by a certified nutritionist, this book is packed with expert tips on ingredient substitutions for many different dietary needs.

Disney Princess: Healthy Treats” by Ariane Resnick, CNC, makes it very easy to turn any day into a magical and healthy gathering. This cookbook is a great follow up to “Disney Princess Baking” cookbook from a year ago.

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