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Book Review: Delicious Disney: Walt Disney World: Recipes & Stories from The Most Magical Place on Earth

Delicious Disney: Walt Disney World: Recipes & Stories from The Most Magical Place on Earth by Pam Brandon & Marcy Carriker Smothers delivers a culinary look at 50 years of Walt Disney World.   The book’s 300 pages features over sixty recipes of guest favorites from around the parks, resorts and Disney Springs including appetizers, main courses, sides, dessert and cocktails.    In addition to these recipes there is a narrative sharing the history of many of the locations and the dishes themselves.

delicious Disney wdwThe recipes are organized into nine chapters:

  • Gone but Not Forgotten – Favorites from Yesteryear
  • Never Left the Menu – Because They Are That Good
  • Eating and Imagination – Theming Food and Restaurants
  • Rumbly in Your Tumblies – For Wen You’re Hungry but Don’t Know What You Want to Eat
  • Tiaras and Crowns – Fine and Fancy Dining
  • In (and Out of) This World – From the Globe and the Galaxy
  • Be Our Guests – Accommodations and Sustainability
  • Drink Me! – Cocktails and Mocktails
  • Happily Ever After – Sweet Endings and Desserts

Each recipe has at least a small blurb talking about it, the dining location or some other historical factoid.  The location of where the item is from is also listed.   You find an ingredient information, instructions and a serving size too.   There was no highlight of preparation time but there were serving instructions for many of the selections.   I would say this is more geared toward an advanced cookbook user vs a novice or non cook like myself.

There are some pages throughout that go more in depth on various historical elements varying in length from a page to several pages.   There are a large number of images throughout. As you would expect there is one for each item.  I found the old menus and concept art the most interesting to study.  I also appreciated the great photos of a number of the restaurant dining rooms.   With no people and proper lighting the photos do a great job of showcasing the locations and highlighting some of the details.

Delicious Disney: Walt Disney World: Recipes & Stories from The Most Magical Place on Earth delivers on its promise of recipes and stories from Walt Disney World.   If this is what you are looking for your expectations will be met.  If you are looking for a more in depth historical book, in the vein of Eat Like Walt you may be left wanting more and a bit disappointed.  I am not a big foodie nor cook so I came away wanting more history.    The book is currently available through ShopDisney and will be widely available next year (April 5, 2022).

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