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Pictures & Video: Disneyland Forever Fireworks

Disneyland Forever officially returned to the skies of Disneyland this evening. This show debuted as part of the 60th anniversary in 2015 and will be shown on Friday through Sunday nights (during the week Mickey’s Mix Magic projections are shown). Disney shared some facts and figures about Disneyland Forever earlier this week.  Unfortunately the fireworks were stopped during the show.  From the Nemo segment through the finale had no fireworks.

Here are some cell phone images from this evening:

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wp 1650696022716

wp 1650696021336

wp 1650696022728

wp 1650696022738

wp 1650696022746


wp 1650696022756

wp 1650696022765

wp 1650696022774

A couple video clips from the show:

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