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Pictures: New Orleans Square Pavement Projects Check (6/17)

The pavement projects in New Orleans Square at Disneyland continue with a boardwalk area set up in front of the Blue Bayou right now. Most of the other pieces have wrapped up.  Here are some pictures of the area from today:

2022 06 17 081733
An early morning look at a quiet New Orleans Square. You can see the sections that have been redone vs those that have not been.
2022 06 17 191134
Later in the day a look at a section that has not been done from the reverse angle.
2022 06 17 191146
The area outside the Pirates exit and in front of the Blue Bayou has boards down to walk on right now, assuming they are replacing the pavement in the area and opted for this vs walling off the area.

2022 06 17 191111

2022 06 17 191114

2022 06 17 081628
The tree house entrance removal is complete and the area is open as transition from Adventureland to New Orleans Square
2022 06 17 081650
A new railing has not been installed yet on the planter.
2022 06 17 IMG 2903
The pavement in front of the Pirates entrance replacement looks to be moving along.

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